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Second run complete

This had a wide variety of flowers. Some of it was new some of it was really old but the result would be questionable as we've never done this before. We put 2 OCS.CA strains. Lola Montez reserve and OS.220. ground 2oz to a medium grind. Decarbed 220 f 50 mins. and ran 2: 20 lb tanks of CO2 through the plant material over 6 hours. Great success. 6.5 ml. 11.3% efficiency. In double digits on my second run. Roughy $650 worth of oil, less $20 for CO2, $5 for cleaning supplies. - less flower cost $350 for leaving a $275 savings this batch. At this rate the machine will be paid off in 12 batches. And the quality was amazing again. This one is more orange and came out in a dry ice frozen clump.

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