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Runs 3 and 4 - and old Favorite and some bargain basement Indica

on the first run i totally didnt know what i was doing, so I wanted to try it again to see good tasting cold creek as the summer holiday season approached.

We de-carbed 2.5oz for 50 min at 240F ( actually 3 oz but only could fit 2.5 oz in the tube). saved .5oz for the next batch. wanted to try and increase the CO2 form 2 seconds to 3 seconds after reading more about supercritical extraction to increase the yield.

The result... Shazaam 9 - 1 ML Carts ! there is some yeild!

also trying some new 1.0ml CCell Carts from my friends at Hamilton Devices

They have great ceramic coils at the end of the 1ml there was no burnt taste, It's ready for more. I will refill these, The coil is that good. Plus the mouthpiece ceramic. real Quality Build. Worth every penny. Also bought the KR1 510 cart micro bubbler which I will review in a future post.

This batch although larger had a bit of a bite to the throat, unsure if the first batch was like that. hmmm. 3 second co2? more or less decarb? vape setting?

Meh. It's like pizza even when it's not the best, its still awesome. Plus 9ml from 2.5 Oz, Very happy with this! This shall keep the pain away all holiday....

part way through my holiday browsing at a goverment cannabis store. ||$100 OZ Sale TWD Indica.|| Lets Try! how bad can it be? the package says 20% THC - 28 grams $100.

so for only $200 I have the makings fro some cheap oil the cheapest yet maybe. I also had the .5 OZ from the last batch cold creek kush that I added to this de-carbed flower. We de-carbed at 240 for 50 mins shut off the heat. and baked for another 10 mins. Flowers were similar color as the cold creek after the decarb, brown with a hint of green.

With the success of CO2 going from 2 to 3 seconds, what would happen if I went from 3 to 4 seconds of CO2. Lets try!

The results are is 6.75ml from 2.5 oz of flower ( 2 oz TWD-indica, .5 oz Cold creek kush). More cloudy extract this time and its smooth almost watery on the back of the throat.

Did I mention It hits like a Mac Truck? Wowzers! I'll shelve some of these for real bad pain days. Wonder how you best store vape carts?.... Sounds like some research and a new blog post. God bless this plant and the Canadian Government who legalized it. Stay Safe all, Keep wearing those masks and washing those hands :-)

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