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First CO2 Run Complete!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

As I was learning Computer Programming over my covid stay at home mess, I had put off setting up the new CO2 extraction system. Now that things are getting back to somewhat normal I took the plunge and setup the new MedExtractor 2 Oz system. It showed up packed very well with a custom plywood box!

Started with 2 Oz of cold creek Kush for our Ontario Government Store

note the price, we will do a little math later.... we just spent $4000 on this setup so I was a little nervous that the quality would not be on par with OCS bought 510 oil carts. So here was the first process.

Ground to a medium grind with a electric spice grinder

Set oven to 220F and decarbed ( baked in a covered dish with ground flower spread thin) the ground flower for 50 minutes

filled the 2 oz Extractor with the decarbed flower ( forgot to tamp down throughout loading process as this affected my yield)

pressured up system, turned on the heaters, and set the timer for 3 hours ( solenoid setting - 2 sec on, 53 secs off). had to swap the hot and the cold tanks when that process was done. Jim at Med extractor hooked me up with these sweet quick release couplers that make this process painless. One tank is in freezer , one has a band heater. Co2 flows from hot to cold through plant material to make the co2 oil.

set a second 3 hour cycle, and de-pressurized the system. I first opened the used plant material to see what it looked like. and it was weird. it was completely dry but still looked like course ground flower, it did not smell like anything either, not sure if there is any use of this so a kept it for further research.

the collection tube was full of the awesome co2 oil, came out golden yellow with bits of cracklin dry ice and the solid becomes a gas once again and leave behind the beautiful Oil goodness. Let gravity do the work of a while. this obtained 80% of the yeild

Took a while to figure out how to get all the oil out of the long collection cylinder, silicone spatula and a long pair of tongs did the trick. got about 15% more the rest got lost to cleaning. about 5%. again could have done more here to scrape more out but I wanted to get on to the next batch.

Co2 oil captured 5.5 ML that is equivalent to 11 X 0.50ml 510 carts as seen for 49.99 on OCS. so even with my poor return from a few rookie mistakes I have $549 Co2 Oil from $359 worth of flower. - a savings of $190 - $20 of co2. Not Bad for the first batch....The worry now though.. is it good. How is the tatse. How is the vapour? what about the Pain Relief ? ( What I mainly use Cannabis for). It came at the right time too just at the height of a bad arthritis attack would it kill the pain?

Pen used: Vessel 510 - pink setting

The answer is Yes. Across the board.

Taste: tastes like good flower. maintained much of the terpenes I did not expect. had no chemical or artificial taste, just a nice clean vapor

Vapor: almost a misty (like warm fog) pull in with a buttery exhale. no harsh throat bite.

Intensity: strong, as strong as anything I've ever had from OCS 510 carts. I don't know what it tests out at, but it has to be high like 70-80 % range. hard to tell without doing the test. It rounded my pain, I still knew it was there , but it replaced the sharp pain to more warm feeling, Great for pain.. and my head was also very clear too which was great as some strains really stick me to the sofa.

Look: Oil Is Raw, so there are some fats and waxes still in the oil but it was a great consistency in all 3 different oil carts i tried. It looks like Mcdee's honey mustard sauce. I could have filtered it or winterized to make it look more clear, but what for? It is delicious and vapes great. Cant wait for the next batch, I have some leftovers for the next one.

So Happy with this purchase. The system is easy to operate and has great safety features like burst disks on all hardware. familiar with this from my paintball days filling my own co2 tanks from the trunk of my car. Honestly Its not much harder.

A Few Simple steps for some of the best tasting Oil I've ever had, let alone made with OCS flower! Super happy with my purchase! This would have saved we many hundreds of dollars had I know about the MedExtractor sooner.

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